Winter Camping at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Winter Camping at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Winter holiday is coming soon. Everyone is counting down to celebrate this festive season. If you have not had any plans yet, maybe you should go for winter camping. However, winter camping is not as simple as summer camping where you can just pack your tent and sleeping bag along with some food. Winter holiday adventure requires additional preparations for you to stay safe, dry and warm, but it is worthwhile. Camping in the snow is a wonderful experience. You can enjoy the beauty of winter wonderland peacefully, far away from the crowds. There are no bugs or insects, especially mosquitoes. If you are still not convinced by the idea of going camping, there is a better and more comfortable alternative. Glamping or glamorous camping allows you to fall asleep under the stars surrounded by nature without giving up the comfort and amenities that you can find in a traditional hotel.






In this article, we would like to talk about a glampsite near Lake Bled in the Julian Alps which is located only 55 km (34 miles) away from Ljubljana, the capital and largest city of Slovenia. This glampsite is called Gozdne Vile Glamping which is a part of Sava Hoteli Bled. The Gozdne Vile huts are small wooden huts that look like old fashioned tents. You can stay in the huts comfortably even in winter since they are well insulated and heated. The wood is organically grown and untreated. There is also a private outdoor hot tub make of wood and operated using firewood. The glampsite is situated far away from other camping and hotel facilities on the premise, surrounded by tree, so it is like you really stay in the woods, away from civilization. However, you can easily walk to the lake and use other facilities when you want.











If you prefer to camp in a traditional way, there is a campsite right on the shores of Lake Bled. The Camping Bled is an Alpine campsite that can be used in winter as well. The area is equipped with gas cylinders, so it is always cleared of ice and snow. The bathroom facilities are heated. There are also power connections. However, you need to prepare better winter camping gears and cold-weather clothing. Everything should be waterproof and breathable. You should prepare variety layers of clothing that you can regulate the amount of warmth according to the weather.







There are many activities that you can enjoy in the area. You can swim and relax in thermal mineral water with healing power coming from a nearby hot spring. Or, you can enjoy many outdoor winter activities including sledding, ski, snowboard, snowshoe hiking, and ice skating. There are also many cross-country ski trails around the area, as well as ski schools for both children and adults. If the weather permits, you should visit Bled Island situated inside Lake Bled. There is a Church of the Assumption which is a baroque church dates built in 1698 with beautiful frescoes about the life of Virgin Mary. The island with a beautiful church in the middle of the lake surrounded by mountains and forests make Lake Bled become a picturesque destination, both in winter and summer.