A Green Weekend In Fogo Island

A Green Weekend In Fogo Island

If you are looking for  a trip with adventure and deep connection with the community, Fogo Island could be a good fit for you.

Fogo has many peculiarities, including its weather (seven seasons) and its location (just over halfway between the equator and the North Pole), which make unique this island. It is the largest island of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada with a population of less the 3000 inhabitants. The landascapes of Fogo are really breathtaking: wild spots with rocks and craggy coasts, similar looking to Ireland ones, but at the edge of the word.


Besides its landscape, Fogo is also known for the hospitality and kindness of its inhabitants. The hotel Fogo Inn offers a special programs for strangers, which is called “Community Host Program”. This program allows guests to spend ½ day with local people, according to their personal tastes (i.e. art, sports). For each season  there is something to do in the island. In winter you can do storm watching, skiing, caribou watching, etc., while in summer you can enjoy bonfire nights, ocean fishing, bicycling, kayaking, etc.

The Fogo Island Inn is not just simple hotel, it is really more than that. Besides the hotel, the building hosts also other spaces dedicated to public use, such as a library, an art gallery, a meeting room and a cinema. The structure of the building has been built using sustainable and ecological systems, in order to reduce energy waste.

Fog Island Inn Derek Roger Busch

Did you already fall in love with this island? If the answer is yes, then  you would like to know more about Fogo and how to get there. Here you can find more detailed information, such as how to the get there, recommendations and much more.