Watching the Sunrise at Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Watching the Sunrise at Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Mount Bromo is an active volcano which is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which is the only conservation area in Indonesia that is covered with sand sea. Mount Bromo is in the middle of the Tengger Sand Sea. Mount Bromo is not the highest volcano in East Java, Indonesia, but it is one of the most popular active volcanoes among tourists due to its easy trekking route and magnificent landscape of the sand sea and the surrounding volcanoes, especially at sunrise.







The peak of Mount Bromo is at 2,329 metres (7,641 ft) above sea level. The top of the volcano is blown off, and there is constant white smoke coming out of the crater. While you are in the area, you can also visit Mount Penanjakan (2,770 m or 9,088 ft above sea level) which is another great spot to watch sunrise. Or, you can visit Mount Semeru, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and the highest mountain in Java. It takes at least 2 days to reach the peak of Mount Semeru.







You can reach Mount Bromo by flying to Juanda international airport in Surabaya. From the airport, it takes at least three hours by car to arrive at Mount Bromo, or a nearby town to stay overnight. Most visitors stay in Cemoro Lawang, a nearby mountain village located in the north-east of Mount Bromo. You can arrange a private tranfer with travel agents, or catch a public bus to Probolinggo and a mini bus called “Bemo” from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang. However, you might have to wait for other passengers before the Bemo will leave. The price depends on the number of passengers. When you arrive at Cemoro Lawang, you can easily find guesthouses and homestay accommodations managed by locals with reasonable prices. You can also haggle on prices. Apart from Cemoro Lawang, you can also choose to stay at Cemoro Lawang Tretes, Pasuruan or in Malang, as well as on Mount Semeru and Mount Arjuna.







On you first day, if you arrive before sunset, you can enjoy stunning sunset view from the village. Then, you can Indonesian traditional dishes for dinner. After that, you should go to bed early because the next day you have to start hiking at 3 o’clock in the morning in order to catch the sunrise at the summit of Mount Penanjakan. There are two viewpoints which are Seruni viewpoint and Penanjakan viewpoint. You can take an organised jeep tour, which can be shared with other tourists, to the summit at Penanjakan viewpoint which is the highest viewpoint. Or, you can trek up the mountain to a lower viewpoint at Seruni viewpoint. From the viewpoints, you can see the sun rises over the volcanoes surrounded by mists. Mount Bromo is in the foreground while Mount Semeru is smoking in the background. Once the sun clears the morning mists away, you can see the sea of sand at the bottom.







Once you take enough photos, you can walk down the mountain and continue your journey toward Mount Bromo. You can easily walk through the sea of sand and hike up to Mount Bromo’s crater. You should not forget a jacket as the weather there can be cold. A surgical mask is also necessary as the area is covered with grey volcanic ash. Please keep in mind that the Indonesian Centre for Vulcanology and Disaster Hazard Mitigation might issues warnings against visiting Mount Bromo due to elevated volcanic activity.