Travel responsibly: visit Madagascar

Travel responsibly: visit Madagascar

In some areas of Africa, tourism has become an important tool linking people with their territory, especially If it is sustainable. This is the case of Madagascar and its inhabitants, which adopted international and recognized standards of Fair Trade Tourism, collecting six certified products such as endemic species and natural sights.

One of the key feature of this eco sustainable awareness is represented by two local lodges: Iharana Bush Camp and Bushhouse. Thanks to these two lodges, local people can learn how to improve their marketable skills and become familiar with ethic tourism. Another aspect of Fair Trade standards concerns natural heritage. At Tsara Camp, located in Tsaranoro Valley, communities have understood the importance of their natural heritage, so they learn how to preserve and conserve their natural territory.


Another key stakeholder in sustainable tourism in Madagascar is represented by Hotel Le Paradisier, which makes an important contribution to impoverished local communities, encouraging them to start eco tourism related jobs such as tour guides and fresh product producers.

Thanks to all these activities, in Madagascar sustainable tourism can make the difference, attracting self-conscious travelers.Travel responsibly: visit Madagascar