See the World with Your Bicycle

See the World with Your Bicycle

Traveling by bike does not only allow you to discover new places, but it also has many other benefits. It is the most environmentally-friendly mode of transportation with zero emissions, unlike airplanes, trains, cars, and other motoring vehicles. It is also good for your body and mind. Cycling is healthy exercise with low impact, yet it is fun and active enough to satisfy people who enjoy adventurous vacations.

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Apart from walking, biking is another mean of transportation that allows you to have more intimate, up-close experience with your surroundings and immerse in the beauty along the path, more than cars, buses or trains. Besides, it is more flexible to travel by bike. You can go at your own pace, and stop when you want. There are no limits to the maximum number of people who can travel with you. You can go alone, or with other twenty people with no problem. However, before hitting the road with your bicycle, you have to be prepared and know your limits. Of course, safety is the first thing to consider, and here are some useful tips for planning a bicycle vacation.

1. Plan where to go and choose the right paths

If it is the first time that you travel by bike, you should start with a simple short path where you can easily return to your base or find some helps in case of problems. The long routes might be too tiring and turn you off bike touring again in the future. Soon, you will be able to go on more challenging itineraries, and see the places that you have special interests in. You might want to start with a bicycle tour group, so you are not alone on the road and can learn something useful from experienced riders with professional support.


2. Start your training and stay fit

Cycling does not require advanced physical training. Almost everyone can jump into it right away. If you survive spinning class or can ride around on a bike for an hour, you are ready to begin your bicycle tour. However, it might be a good idea to start your training at least a couple of

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times per week so that you will be able to drive for at least two hours and maintain the constant speed. The bike trips should last more than two hours which you can stop anywhere you like to admire the landscapes before moving on. If you are not fit enough, you might become tired after an hour and not enjoy the trips as you are supposed to.


3. Prepare your gears and pack your things

If you are choosing which kinds of bicycle

to use, you should consider what you want and the itineraries you might take. If your itineraries involve only paved roads, you can get a very lightweight road bike. Or, if you like more adventurous itineraries, you can use a touring bike or mountain bike instead. You have to also check and fill your tires as well as check your brakes for safety. Other important gears are a helmet, sunglasses and bike shorts. It’s very important to stay hydrated, so make sure to bring enough water for the whole trip. If you go on a long trip, you might consider bringing a backpack or a trunk bag in order to carry other accessories like mobile phones, map, camera, jacket, rain gear, additional water as well as snacks and food.


Now, you are ready to go! Trust me that you will be very proud of yourselves. It gives much more satisfaction to ride to the destinations using your own legs instead of driving or taking a bus.