Outdoor adventures in Alaska

Outdoor adventures in Alaska

Alaska represents one of the most visited states in the US, reaching more than one million visitors a year, nearly twice of its population! Tourism is one the most important income of the state and it is a better alternative than the exploitation of non sustainable resources. This tendency gave birth to“ecotourism”, so a type of tourism entirely dedicated to the nature preservation and to decrease its impact with the environment and the population.


In order to accomplish at best this idea, in Alaska there are several low impact outdoor activities for every types of tastes.With more than 100 natural parks to visit, Alaska offers the best occasion to enjoy outdoor activities and cherish also many species protected such as blue whales, brown bears, sea otters, lynx and much more.

Furthermore, you will have the possibility to cruise and sail in Alaska as for example in Kenai Fjords National Park and Glacier Bay National Park. These are just some of the several activities and destinations to enjoy in Alaska, for further information about ecotourism you visit the website of Travel Alaska.