Live the adventure in Indonesia closely with natur

Live the adventure in Indonesia closely with natur

If are looking for a nice place to visit in a totally eco sustainable way, Sumatra EcoTravel could have a good fit for you. Set in North Sumatra, Indonesia, Sumatra EcoTravel is the best solution to put together travel and leisure at ecological and responsible level.ORANG UTAN FEEDING

Tours have been created with a certain attention to show the authentic Indonesian culture and preserve Gunung Leuser National Park and its Sumatran orangutans. Furthermore, the team of Sumatra works with local partners and villagers, creating several outdoor activities such as jungle-trekking, tours with elephants, and cultural trips to typical villages such as Berastagi, having access to local life and nature.

Sumatran orangutans are a key attraction for tourists, therefore there are ad hoc tours where people can feed them thanks to some special platforms called “feeding platforms”. In this way, you will have the incredible chance to see orangutans in a quite close distance, feeding them with milk and bananas.

Concerning accommodation, Sumatra EcoTravel will be provide very nice eco sustainable cottages, with an amazing view on the Sumatran Bohorok River. All rooms have indeed balconies, equipped with hot water and minibar, with a regular cleaning service.

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