JustMeans app review

just_meansWhile looking for yet another app to review that pledges a sustainable lifestyle, we found JM – Justmeans – CSR & Green update. The idea behind their mobile app & website is helping people search for companies and organizations that promote environmental and social sustainability. Cool right?

From the official description

“Find out how publicly traded companies rank against each other in terms of social and environmental performance.
Some of the features of the Justmeans application:
1.) Follow real time updates from companies and organizations on social and environmental performance
2.) Clients of Justmeans can publish directly to the Justmeans distribution network from their phone
3.) Find companies

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by industry and track their performance vs. their peers”

The Good

But, they have a website, and a pretty great website at that. They are active on their social networks and seem dedicated to discussing social responsibilities at various companies and discussing trends in this sector. Plus we like the added bonus of the ability to pit companies against each other in how they pledge to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. The hope would be that these companies take notice and want to be more socially responsible than their counterparts.

The Bad

The design and layout of the app itself is rather clunky and outdated. We have a Samsung galaxy S3 and we felt something lacking. An app redesign with funkier icons and a little more ‘feeling’ would go a long way. Perhaps they meant the app to look like a browser but in any case that could be something the app developers could update in the future. You can post updates and search companies in a variety of categories such as

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food, transportation, hotels and more. We would only give this app 2 out of five stars at the moment since we had some trouble using the app.

Final Verdict

While we like the ‘idea’ of the app and the potential of having a mobile way to search eco-friendly companies on the go, the app does need to be worked on so that it best reflects the power of the main website. That means making sure that search results actually come up and that the lists are archived and updated. We do hope the developers invest more in the app as we think the idea is brilliant.