French Polynesia - The Luxury of Nature

French Polynesia – The Luxury of Nature


French Polynesia is seen as luxury holidays destination with many 5-star resorts along with private overwater bungalows. The spectacular views of green mountain peaks roaming over white sand and turquoise sea make this place become dream destinations for many honeymooners. Because of these reasons, many people may be dissuaded from visiting French Polynesia. However, this place has much more to offer than laid-back island vacations and overpriced luxury resorts. French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean are like a paradise for nature lovers. You can also choose to skip luxury hotels to stay in local eco-hotels or guest houses that are within your budget range.




The 118 islands and atolls of French Polynesia come in different size and shape. Only 67 islands are inhabited. Some islands are big and full of jagged peaks while other small islands appear just above the turquoise water. Although you may see white sand beaches in the most of the pictures of this area, there are also pink and black sand beaches. Each island are surrounded by the lagoons. The coral reefs around the islands and atolls help create these natural swimming pools, or lagoons, which are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. In the clear water, you can find a variety of fish, rays, sharks, and dolphins.


Apart from beautiful beaches and turquoise water, you can also enjoy the forests and volcanic mountains along with archaeological remains within the islands. The high mountains feature lush rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, river valleys, as well as amazing wildlife. If you looking for an adventure, there are many places that you can explore. You can go on foot following one of the exciting trekking routes with varied difficulty levels. Or, you can use a horse, a bicycle, an ATV, a four-wheel car, or even a glider to explore around. You will enjoy many species of local land and sea birds along with the richness of the Tahitian flora covering unique landscapes. There are also mysterious marae, an ancient sacred places, waiting for you to discover.


There are many types of eco-friendly accommodations around French Polynesia. You can choose to stay in local cottages, organic farms, seaside camping, yurts, farm houses, or luxury sustainable resorts. These places around you to your body and mind among the comfort of nature. They also offer locally grown food produced by local farmers to support the locals and sustainable living. You can also ask them about the activities that you can do in that particular areas like hiking or bird watching tours.


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind during your trips. First, you should not walk on or touch any coral since you can damage the coral and its inhabitants. Second, please do not feed any wildlife or fish because it will disturb their natural habits. Then, you should reuse plastic bottles or bags to reduce waste. Finally, you should respect the local people and their customs. Each island has different culture. Before you arrive, please learn some basic culture of the area, so you will not do something that might upset them.