Clear your mind at the Tree Hotel, Sweden

Clear your mind at the Tree Hotel, Sweden

If as kid you always craved a tree house but your parents never really got you one, this is your chance to take. The Tree Hotel is set just outside the village of Harads, approximately 50 kilometres south of the Artic Circle, nestled of course in the trees of the Scandinavian boreal forest. Getting there might take you a little effort, but it is all going to be worthy and owners Britta and Kent can arrange for you car or even helicopter transportation.






The hotel project was envisioned and executed by entrepreneur Kent Lindvall, who was inspired by a filmmaker friend wanting to shoot a documentary film in Harads called “tree lover”.  In 2010 he opened the doors of the Tree Hotel, feeling the urgency to set up a business on the ecological principle of sustainability that did not leave out functional, luxury design.






In order to do this he recruited three of Scandinavia’s leading architects, who helped him conceiving the complex: rooms with very cryptical names such as the “Mirrorcube“, the “UFO“, the “Bird’s Nest” and the “Blue Cone“,  are the result of this collaboration.  All rooms are 100% green: 4-6 metres suspended above the ground, each room has eco furniture and fabrics, environmentally-friendly combustion toilets and water-efficient sinks, not to mention that they were all built with sustainable construction techniques.






In addition to a total of six rooms there is also a swedish sauna for up to twelve people, situated among the centuries-old pines and the lovely Britta’s Restaurant, where all dishes are cooked with fresh, wild, local-sourced ingredients. Bear, reindeer, salmon, arctic char and moose are just a few delicacies you will get to taste.






But Tree Hotel is not just about good, organic food and sustainable architecture, the core of it is a wide range of activities to make you discover the beautiful Swedish nature.  Fishing on the Lule River, trekking in Storklint, northern light photography courses,  the Tree Hotel is the place to clear the mind and nourish the soul. During summer you can also go village walking and experience the culture and buildings of a typical small northern village, with a visit to a village family who offers coffee and pastries and their story or have a close encounter with the Sami culture, by touring the Gorgim Lake on a snowmobile during winter.






On the way up to Ruokto, where many Sami families live, very close to the Arctic Circle, the sun remains continuously above or below the horizon for 24 hours, as it collides with the Northern Hemisphere. In Ruokto, the charismatic Sami chief welcomes you to his home. He will show you his knowledge of Sami medical skills and you will get familiar to methods that the natives has used for thousands of years. You will have a typical meal prepared for you and also hear the magic of the Jojk, which is the traditional Sami folk song. A holiday in this place is a holiday you will remember.