How-to travel green in the tropics

How-to travel green in the tropics


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to make your tropical stay as green as possible

A trip to a tropical paradise conjours up scenes such as lingering walk on the beach, a cocktail under the sun and scuba-diving among beautiful multi-colored fish wildlife. But what we find to be just as important is traveling to a place that not only hosts this sort of scenario, but choosing a place that also pledges to use eco-sustainable resources along with paying their staff a decent, livable wage in the process. Luckily we discovered fantastic options all the way from Tanzania to Fiji, the Caribbean to Vietnam.

Make sure your hotel is ‘green’

How can you be certain the the tropical paradise you travel to ascertains these qualities? The first step is making sure the resort you choose to stay at is included within the Green Globe-certified hotels. Hotels included in this list go through a special Green Globe 21 certification process which includes assurances of corporate social responsibility, conservation, and environment and energy (reuse, reduce and recycle).

The beauty is in the details

Picking a resort shouldn’t be just about which place has the most stunning sunsets, but also one that was constructed from the ground up with the surrounding area in mind. Look for resorts that were built from local sustainable materials and that used ethical labor practices. Recyclable rainwater and other techniques are often used by eco-friendly resorts to save

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energy and not strip the environment of its precious resources.

Have fun and remember you are there to relax

Of course the primary reason most people travel is to get a sense of peace and tranquility from the stresses of everyday life. An added plus is that many of these eco-friendly places are also masters at relaxation, with tons of options to ‘turn off’ from the world and soak in the natural beauty of the environment.


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