Eco charger app review

On our search for eco-friendly apps, we came across one handy app for android phones that is designed to help make your smartphone ‘more green’. We are all guilty of leaving our devices plugged in well after they are charged which expels more energy than is needed which is why an app like this exists. Eco charger ‘s simple aim is to help waste less energy by sending you a reminder when your phone is fully charged (plus it also lets you know when your phone has an overheated battery etc).

How does it work?

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All you need to do is download the app and the next time you plug in

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your phone to charge it, it emits an audio signal to let you know that you should unplug the phone. Simple, right? One tip is as soon as you download the app, go into the settings to modify how it alerts you as the audio signal can be quite annoying if you can’t unplug the phone quickly. You can set it to vibrate or even to beep just once, which is a happy medium. It’s a handy app, easy to use and does help save energy – which is something we could all work on more often.

The Good

A simple app with a noble aim, to lessen energy waste. Brainless to use and Free!

The Bad

Audio notifications are defaulted to keep repeating until you unplug the phone or change the settings (can get annoying).