Brazil Eco Adventure

Brazil Eco Adventure

Being a host country of 2014 FIFA World Cup has taken a toll on Brazil environment. The construction and refurbishment of twelve stadiums

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in twelve host cities have destroyed thousands acres of Amazon rainforest and released tons of greenhouse gas. All the visitors, who intend to go to Brazil to enjoy the matches or other recreation activities, should keep these facts in mind and increase their efforts to minimize the environmental impacts.

As the largest country in South America and fifth largest country in the world, there are many things to see and do in Brazil, with endless possibilities of eco-travel. Amazon forest, the world’s largest rainforest, has 60% of its area in the territory of Brazil. With a coastline longer than 4,500 miles, Brazil has more than 2,000 beaches to choose from. Other than that Brazil also has many heritage sites for cultural tourism.


Here are some of the things that you can do and see.

1. Don’t miss a chance to explore Amazon rainforest, and the Pantanal, large tropical wetland areas. There, you will surely spot many wildlife including jaguar, Hyacinth macaws, capybaras, giant anteater, and Yacare caiman.

2. Visit the spectacular Iguaçu Falls, located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It is bigger and offers more natural experiences than Niagara Falls. Apart from the semicircular waterfall, there are a variety of wildlife and vascular plants surrounding the area

3. Visit Bonito, the well-known ecotourism town of Brazil. There, you can swim and snorkel in crystal clear river with a lot of fish and underwater vegetation. There is also a big underground cave with blue lake at the bottom.

4. Beach and party! When thinking of Brazil, most people think about carnivals and parties. You should visit some beaches and hang out with local people, so you can learn about Brazilian lifestyle and their culture.



You should arrange your trips with tour operators that promote environmentally responsible travel like , and remember to support local people and avoid activities that will impact environment.