The American Car-Free Island: Mackinac Island

The American Car-Free Island: Mackinac Island

There are some places that are suspended in time, Mackinac Island is one of these places. Nominated by Condé Nast Traveler as “One of the Top 10 Islands in the World”, and “One of the Top 10 sustainable island in the World” by the National Geographic Traveler, Mackinac Island earned all these attentions thanks to its peculiarity which is being a car-free island.


It is indeed allowed to move just by horse, by foot or by bicycle. This peculiarity is due to the Senator Thomas W. Ferry, who approved the law in 1875, appointing Mackinac Island as second National Park in the United States, after Yellowstone Park. During Victorian Age, the island was one of the most favorite destination in American middle class during the summer.

The marina at Mackinac Island in northern Michigan.

The access to the island is guaranteed thanks to daily ferry-boats, which spend 20/30 minutes from St. Ignace to get to Mackinaw City. It is also possible to reach the island by car, starting from Mackinac City or St. Ignace, driving through Mackinac Bridge, which connects the mainland to the island. When you are in Mackinac, it is really pleasant walk by foot or by bike, having the chance to find out main attractions of the island, such as the “Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory” and “Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House & Insect World”.